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General Meetings – Thursdays, 7 PM

Check the recruitment GroupMe/Team Mattermost for updated locations.

GMs include weekly updates, tech-talks, design reviews, and alumni/sponsor workshops.

Do I have to major in mechanical engineering to participate?

No! Our members span all of engineering, from aerospace to computer science majors. We also have plenty of members in non-engineering field. All majors are welcome.

What if I have no background experience with cars?

No problem. We are here to help you learn! At the start, most of us do not know much.

Are there ways for me to join the team virtually?

Yes! We understand that in-person activities are not a possibility for everyone. We have online ways for you to get engaged!

What kind of things can I work on?

Our team is comprised of six subsystems: engine, drivetrain, aerodynamics, chassis, suspension, and electronics. We have something for everyone! Each subsystem involves design, manufacturing, and testing work to be done.